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LEXAN Inside!

The high-end plastic, developed by a General Electric Co. scientist, Daniel Fox, in 1953, has been used in the space helmets worn on the moon by Astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, in stock-car windshields and helmets worn by Nascar drivers, in Apple Computer Inc.'s colorful iMacs, Pyrex utensils and countless other products. Tom Clancy even refers to an armored vehicle's Lexan windows in his 1996 thriller, "Executive Orders."

Still, unlike Teflon, the Intel microchip and other recognized brands, Lexan, a polycarbonate plastic or resin, is no household name. Not even with professional surfer Lance Ho'okano, whose success partly depends on it. His surfboard's patented "Turbo Tunnel" fin "can add a little whip on your turning," and helps to "stable out the board" in the water, he says.

What Skip has to say:
I have done just about everything you could do to fins (with or without fin boxes) in my many years of surfing. Added, subtracted, reshaped, replaced and have tried all the "trick' fins that have come out through the years. After using the Turbo Tunnel for these past many months, I can truly say I have found a fin that really works. People have asked me what I like about the fin and I end up telling them that there is nothing I DON'T like about it. It holds when you need it to and slips out when you want it to and the only difference I have found in turns is that it is very positive. Does it let my board noseride better than a conventional fin? Hell, yes. Thanks, Greek, for a no gimmick product in a gimmick filled world!


Skip Savage
ESA Central Fl District Champ, ESA Southeast Regional Champ, ESA East Coast Champ , Initial inductee East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame.


Q. What does the TURBO TUNNEL™ do that a standard fin cannot do?

A. A standard fin only provides a surfboard with forward direction and horizontal control. The unique design of the TURBO TUNNEL™ provides the added element of vertical control.

Q. What can the TURBO TUNNEL do for me?

A. The TURBO TUNNEL™ is designed to give you: · Longer nose rides · Smoother re-entries · Quicker turns · Increased stability · Greater overall control · More confidence · More creativity in your maneuvers · A distinct edge over a surfer who does not have one

Q. How does the TURBO TUNNEL Work?

A. Its unique and innovative design gives the TURBO TUNNEL™ the ability to grab the water and hold the tail of your surfboard tighter to the wave, giving your board more speed and maneuverability than ever before.

Q. Is there a way for me to see it work?

A. Yes. Simply hop off your board and give it a strong push away from you. You will observe the fin pull the tail of your board right down on the water until the energy of the push subsides. At that time the tail will return to its normal position out of the water. If you continue to push and observe you will notice the water boiling out of the tunnel while it is pulling the tail down.

Q. Will it make me a better surfer?

A. Whether you are a recreational surfer, an amateur, or a pro we think you will see a distinct improvement in your surfing.

Q. How long will it take me to notice the difference?

A. Most everyone who has ridden a TURBO TUNNEL™ notices the difference their first day out. The majority on their first few waves.

Q. How does it perform compared to conventional fins?

A. Due to its unique design, the TURBO TUNNEL™ will out-perform any other type of conventional fin in all aspects of surfing.

Q. In what type of break does it work best?

A. We have tested the TURBO TUNNEL™ in all conditions and found that it works in any type of wave whether it is a beach break, a point break or a reef break.

Q. Will it fit my board?

A. The TURBO TUNNEL™ is designed to fit most long board channel boxes. (We make certain necessary modifications for some fin boxes that are used in molded surfboards.)

Q. Does it work better as a single fin or a thruster?

A. The TURBO TUNNEL™ is designed to work as either a single fin or as a thruster. (Most surfers prefer to use the 9.5" TURBO TUNNEL as a single fin.)

Q. On what type of board does it work best?

A. We have tested the TURBO TUNNEL™ on all types and shapes of surfboards. It seems to enhance the performance of any board we have used it on.

Q. How is it made and what is it made from?

A. The Black 7.5", 8.5" and 9.5" TURBO TUNNEL™ is made by using the most advanced molding process available with some of the strongest high tech glass fibre filled materials on the market today. The RED, BLUE, CLEAR and YELLOW 7.5", 8.5" and 9.5" TURBO TUNNEL is made from General Electric's Lexan Plastic. 

Q. Is the TURBO TUNNEL strong?

A. Yes. Due to its glass fibre-filled composition the TURBO TUNNEL™ has a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Q. What sizes are available?

A. The TURBO TUNNEL™ is currently available in 7.5", 8.5" and 9.5" sizes in Black, Red, Blue, Clear and Yellow colors. 

Q. Where should I put it in the fin box?

A. We recommend you place your TURBO TUNNEL™ in the front of your fin box.

Q. How do I get one?

A. Simply click on the "Products" button. Then follow the simple ordering instructions. While you are there, check out the other products from Turbotunnel.com.


Photos by Scott Rutherford
Surfer is Chris Mefford (On The Left); Surfer is Mark Stewart (On The Right)



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