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"The Shorty"

The "Shorty"

What can we say!  "The Greek" has blended the nose riding capabilities of a longboard together with the maneuverability and speed of a shortboard.  "The Shorty" is not a long short board, it's a short longboard. 

The "Shorty" was designed by "The Greek" for the surfer who likes the paddle flotation and nose riding capabilities of a longboard, but wants the speed, maneuverability and quickness of a shortboard. Originally introduced as a 2 + 1, the "Shorty is also available as a "Quad-Plus-One" which may be ridden as a single fin, a 2 + 1, a quad, a twin fin or as some owners have reported, with all five fins. 

Available in sizes ranging from 6'10" to 8'6" in either a hand-shaped polyester or hand-shaped epoxy model, the "Shorty is designed to work in waves from 2' to 10'. 

Due to its unique adjustable quad fin system, it is the most versatile and exciting surfboard on the marke today!

"The Shorty" Dimensions:
*Dimensions and thickness may vary according to height and weight.

Length:  7'
Nose: 19.75"
Width 23.5"
Tail: 17.5"
Thickness: 2.5"- 3"

Length: 7'6"
Nose: 20"
Width: 24"
Tail: 18"
Thickness: 2.5" - 3"

Length: 8'
Nose: 20"
Width: 24"
Tail: 18"
Thickness: 2.5" - 3"

Length: 8'6"
Nose: 20.25"
Width: 24.25"
Tail: 18.25"
Thickness: 3"- 5"

Price:  $875.00
Plus color, shipping and applicable tax

(Surfboards are shipped via Fedex Freight, Roadway or other carrier service and go Freight Collect.)

Customer Comments About "The Shorty"


Sergio Avila, owner of famous Avila's El Ranchito Resteraunts and his new "Shorty" Surfboard:



Hey Greek,


Just wanted to let you know my new 8’-0” Shorty is just a great board. As you know, the time had come for me to move up from my 6’-10” quad to something longer. I tried a 9’-1” epoxy that worked good but I really didn’t want to go that long. Just like you said, I’ve found the 8’-0” Shorty embodies the wave catching and stableness of the longer board with the fun of a shorter board (I like to turn). It has lived up to everything I had anticipated from very, very easy and stable entry into a wave to nice looseness down the line, and now that I’m getting used to the board and settled on a fin configuration, my speed has picked up a bunch. Without being a hog, my wave count has at least doubled. I could go on and on but will close by telling you the glass job and colors are perfect, I hated to wax the first time. 


If any one wants to contact me to talk story about my experience with you and my Shorty they should feel free to at my email address: abeall@cbcpacific.com, just tell them don’t ask to borrow my Shorty.


Aloha from Kauai,

Allan Beall

Photos Of Allan Beall:







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