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Turbo Challenge Info


Turbo Challenge Information


What is the Turbo Challenge?

The Turbo Challenge is a contest that is run in conjunction with a host contest, where the participant must be riding a Turbo Tunnel Fin.  Entry into this part of the contest is purely up to the participant and will have not determination of the overall results of the host contest.  There will be no additional judging criteria.  The judges' determination of winners will be final.  The last person left in the contest still riding a Turbo Tunnel Fin will be determined to be the winner of the Turbo Challenge, provided he or she has paid the necessary entry fee to Surf Incorporated and has followed the rules established for the Turbo Challenge portion of the host event.  Second and Third Places will be determined by the results of the participants' position in the host event.

Turbo Challenge Rules Are As Follows:

1.  The Turbo Challenge of both the Pro Event and the Nose Riding Event is open to all ages both male and female.

2.  The participant must ride a Turbo Tunnel Fin for the entire contest in order to qualify for the prize money and carry over their points for the grand prize.

3.  All participants must pay the Turbo Challenge entry fee of $125.00 to Surf Incorporated for their first event and prior to the event.  The entry fee for all other events will be $100.00 and will not include a fin. (See Rule #4)

4.  The first initial entry fee of $125.00 includes a Turbo Tunnel Fin of the participants' choice (size & color), a Turbo Challenge t-shirt, hat and sticker.

5.  All participants must fill out a Turbo Challenge entry form prior to the event.  This form includes a waiver of liability and a model release in favor of Surf Incorporated, which may use photos and your image to help promote the Turbo Tunnel Fin.  You will also need to provide the following information to the Turbo Challenge Coordinator prior to the event and prior to receiving any prize money:  Name, Address, Phone Number, Age, Social Security Number, Email Address, Signature and Parent/Guardian Signature (if under the age of 18).

6.  Participants under the age of 18 must have their parents' permission and signature(s) on the Turbo Challenge entry form prior to entering the water to eligible for the Turbo Challenge.

7.  The Turbo Challenge participant MUST BE entered in the host event.

8.  The participant does not have to win the host event in order to win the Turbo Challenge.

9.  In the event of a two-way tie for first place, the prize money for the 1st and 2nd places will be added together and divided by both winners.  The 3rd place prize will be awarded to the 3rd place winner.

10.  In the event of a tie that includes more than 2 participants, the entire prize money (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) will be added together and divided by the total of the tying participants and each participant will receive an equal share of the prize money.

11.  1st Place Prize Money is $1,000

       2nd Place Prize Money is $500

       3rd Place Prize Money is $250

12.  Prize money will be the same for both the women's and the men's events.

13.  In the case fof the Longboard Magazine Longboard Contest series, the overall winner will be determined by the cumulation of points accumulated over the entire series of contests for the year.  Points will be given at the rate of 3 points for 1st Place, 2 points for 2nd Place and 1 point for 3r Place.  The overall winner will receive 1st Place Turbo Challenge Trophy plus $1,500.  The 2nd Place winner will receive the 2nd Place Trophy plus $1,000.  The 3rd Place winner will receive the 3rd Place Trophy plus $500.

14.  In the event it has been determined that the participant did not ride or did not have his/her Turbo Tunnel Fin on during the entire event(s), all points acquired during that event will be taken away from the participant and will not be counted towards the overall winner of the Turbo Challenge.

15.  Seperate color wrist bands will be given to the Turbo Challenge participants and marked on the boards.

16.  If a pariticipant of the Turbo Challenge wins the Nose-Riding portion of the host event and is riding a Turbo Tunnel Fin in the finals, they will win $500 in addition to the first place prize money offered by the host event.  If the participant is not entered into the Pro event, they must prior to entering the water for the final heat of the Nose-Riding contest, pay their entry fee of Surf Incorporated in the amount of $125.00.

17.  It must be noted that any photos taken during the contest of any participant entered in the Turbo Challenge may be used in promoting the Turbo Tunnel Fin in future publications, advertisements, brochures, mailers, videos, etc.  This with the full approval of the participant as stated in their entry from and waiver of release.

18.  If you should have any further questions regarding the Turbo Challenge, please send an email to the following email addresses:

Bob "The Greek" Bolen - President of Surf Incorporated   Email:  greeksta02@yahoo.com

Surf Incorporated Company    Email:  webmaster@turbotunnel.com

Turbo Challenge Winners


March 2005  Turbo Challenge

Men's 1st Place Winner - Brendan White           Woman's 1st Place Winner - Lindsay Steinriede

Men's 2nd Place Winner - Josh Mohr                 Woman's 2nd Place Winner - Diina Horo

Men's 3rd Place Winner - Ryan Engle                Woman's 3rd Place Winner - April Grover


August 2005 Turbo Challenge

Men's 1st Place Winner - Kai Sallas                  Woman's 1st Place Winner - Lindsay Steinriede

Men's 2nd Place Winner - Lance Hookano         Woman's 2nd Place Winner - Diina Horo

Men's 3rd Place Winner - Ryan Engle                Woman's 3rd Place Winner - None

September 2005 Turbo Challenge

Men's 1st Place Winner -                                 Woman's 1st Place Winner -

Men's 2nd Place Winner -                                Woman's 2nd Place Winner -

Men's 3rd Place Winner -                                 Woman's 3rd Place Winner -

August 23-26, 2006 Turbo Challenge at Waikiki Beach, HI

Men's 1st Place Winner -  Kai Sallas                Woman's 1st Place Winner - Lindsay Steinreide

Men's 2nd Place Winner - Keegan Edwards       Woman's 2nd Place Winner - Julie Whitegone

Men's 3rd Place Winner - Cedric Caires             Woman's 3rd Place Winner - Kelia Moniz


Upcoming Turbo Challenge ContestsTo Be Posted Soon.


Thank You To All Who Participated In The TURBO CHALLENGE!!

Good Luck And Keep Surfing With The TURBO TUNNEL FIN!!

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