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TurboTunnel Comments

 Comments From Turbo Tunnel Fin Customers


"Just got your 9.5" Turbo Tunnel Fin.  My 9'6" Harbor longboard has never performed better.  Quicker take-offs & awesome turns.  Thanks."    -Nikita Pandelos in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida 


"Your fins are incredible!  This the 3rd Turbo Tunnel I've purchased and the 1st set of T.T. [Turbo Thrusters Side Fins], and I'm even happier now.  I only wish I h ad one more Lexan 9.5" so I could leave it on my 10' Weber.  Thx again!    -Phil East   Virginia Beach, VA


"I would like you to know that I have benefitted so much from using the Turbo Tunnel Fin.  It has truly allowed me to be a more confident surfer and I am regularly amazed how my turns and nose rides are greatly enhanced in all surf conditions.  In today's world of using multiple board designs for multiple wave conditions, it is so nice just to have to think about needing only one type of fin.  The Turbo Tunnel rules!"  - Edgar C. Eltrich, Jr      Charleston, SC


"The Turbo Tunnel fin is awesome!!  I appreciate you sending it overnite as I am leaving on a trip tomorrow & my fin just came.  Thanks so much!"    -Tom Schemenauer    Mammoth Lakes, CA


"Being 65 years old and surfing 50 of those years, this Turbo Fin has put a higher experience of nose riding to a really fun level.  You guys are right on!!  I can't wait to share it with the locals.  -Tillman Eakes   Oceanside, CA


"I've only ridden it once, so far, in head high, high tide surf in N. LA County.  I have a 10'0" Robert August Tuf-lite Mike Doyle.  I used the 9.5" all the way forward in the box.  I miss short boarding and this made it feel like I could put my board anywhere.  I can't wait for a day to try noseriding."  -Rich Engel    Castaic, CA


"Certainly more stability when noseriding.  I enjoyed the increased ease with which I could catch waves.  I will put a Turbo Tunnel Fin on my future boards.  Great invention!!   -Charles Remley    Los Angeles, CA


"I'm 57.  I've been surfing for over 40 (years).  I surf at Cocoa Beach, FL.  I'm a very good surfer, your fin just made me a lot better...pretty amazing little thing.  Huge difference.  I ride a 10' August, (and) it's like getting a whole new board.  Thanks, I love it.  I sold 3 more to my friends.      - Mike Cavallaro    Cocoa Beach, FL


"I've been riding my Turbo Tunnel w/ Thrusters for about 3 months now.  I love the increased performance.  My board carves so much better.  The stability on the nose is great for a big guy 6'4", 200 lbs.  I enjoy the fins and will spread the word."   - Al Paulson    West Chester, PA


"Thanks so much for helping [the] Malibu Surfing Association.  It means a lot to all of us.  I want to thank you for getting me a fin.  I surfed it last night and really can't believe it.  Your fins are incredible.  Thank you."                    -Bobby Lehmkuhl    Malibu, CA


"Your 9 1/2" Turbo Tunnel fin significantly improved the turning and response of my 9"8" Weber performer - and it locks in better than ever."    -Chip Cooper    Fernandina Beach, FL


"Hello, just came back after a week of surfing in Asturias, your fins are GREAT!  From knne high up to head high, my 9'0 is a LOT more responsive, could do cutbacks easily and steep drops are a piece of cake (no pearling). Even, when going up to the nose, it seems that because of the the fin, the board gets flatter (it flexes pretty much) and faster.   I'm very happy with yours fins (7'5 lexan + sidebites), keep surfing."   -Gonzalo


"I put the 9.5" Turbo Tunnel on my 9'6" longboard before heading down to Ixtapa, Mexico for 10 days of vacation & surfing.  I had several sessions in clean 6-10' conditions (and) I noticed a distinct sensation with the T.T. - smooth powerful turns & excellent stability.  A great product.  It's on my board to stay."  - Mike Raiole   Oak Hill, VA


"I enjoy this fin.  Provides added stability when noseriding."                         -Dino DeRostaing   Jensen Beach, FL


"You really have your stuff together.  My girlfriend surprised me with it [Turbo Tunnel] for Christmas.  The Tunnel, the shirt, the stickers...it really made my Christmas.  It's improved my noserides already."  -Chris Coxen in Pennsylvania


"I installed [a] new Turbo Tunnel Fin today & was simply blown away by the incredible improvement in stability, as it [is] a reasonably lumpy day.  I even managed to noseride a 5' wave!!  Thank you Turbo Tunnel and East Gosford Surf Shop.  -Tom Maricevic in Torquey, Australia


"I never thought a fin could improve my surfing.  Once I tried it, I was hooked.  The only problem I found is what to do with all my other fins since I only use the 8.5" and 9.5" Turbo Tunnels.  Great product."-Carlos Perez   Miami, FL


"Like you said, it improved the length of the time on the nose [and] it also increased the ease of catching waves."  -Edward Toll in Vallejo, CA


"9.5" [Turbo Tunnel  Fin] works very well on my 9'6" Infinity Rad Noserider.  Quick acceleration and great stability on the nose.  Now to try the 7.5" [Turbo Tunnel Fin] for more speed."  -Dave Koseruba in Atlantic Beach, FL


"It's like the Turbo Tunnel gave my new board power steering!  I can't wait to take it out to San-O on Tuesday.  That fin is never coming off my board."  - Scott Dickson in Brea, CA


"Wow....My Wife and my Girls gave me a Turbotunnel for Father's Day this year. Had to wait 3 days to give it a try. Can't believe it’s the same board, more control, better response, I even think its faster. Did I forget to mention I can camp out on the nose and cross stepping is a breeze. By far the best fin I have ever used in over 30 years of surfing.  Best Father's Day gift ever. Don't know who to thank more my Family or Surf Incorporated."   Thank You All,    Andrew   aka Papa


"Hey guys.  I put my Turbo Tunnel on my 9'4" R. A. Noserider.  I love this fin!  I got some waist high cleanliness the other morning & had a blast.  It gave me a newfound level of control going backside, more powerful cutbacks and the increased drive off the bottom rocks!  I'll recommend it to all my longboarding friends" 

Thanks, Phil McCollum   Jacksonville, FL

Wow!!.....I just got back from a 5 day trip where I tried the Turbo Tunnel (9.5”) on my 10’6” Infiinity Rad Noserider……what a difference.  My prior set up on this board was with the tri-fin and I was never able to stick the tail and walk the board.  The recommendation to try the Turbo Tunnel came from the guys at [Infinity Surfboards - Dana Point, CA] when I called them about getting a new board that would nose ride better.  I followed there recommendation and dropped the side-bites and went with the single 9.5” Turbo Tunnel and the board performed so much better……more stable when walking up to the nose and a lot smother on cutbacks.  Great invention guys! 


 -Harry Starkey


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